In 2010, South Mississippi residents, Brady and Christen Raanes spent the summer in Ghana, Africa finalizing the adoption of their first son.  Their time in Ghana fueled a desire to create a socially conscious business that would help create opportunity for those in need.    

Initially Brady and Christen considered starting a charity to help combat poverty related issues; however, with so many great charities in existence, they quickly decided that they didn’t need to “reinvent the wheel” to make a difference.  Eventually, they landed on the idea of using business as a means to create reoccurring cash flow for nonprofits.

The couple traveled to Napa and fell in love with wine, the process, and the subtle nuances that distinguish each bottle from the next.  While they didn’t have a background in viticulture, or a zip code in the famous wine growing region, Brady and Christen decided to focus on making wine as a way to help others.  Wine naturally brings people together, which was exactly what they wanted to do, so it seemed like the perfect fit.

After making connections with winemakers and the like in Napa, (c)3 Wines was launched with the mission of passing along ALL profits to charitable organizations. Partnerships with nonprofits structured as online campaigns serve as the backbone for the philanthropic company’s giving.

For (c)3, the goal is simple:  make great wine and support great causes.  This business model stems from their own personal belief that real joy in life comes from helping other people in their journey and doing what they can to make a difference. 


We believe charities are invaluable & that their role should be enhanced. They create opportunity, give hope, & transform lives, ending the cycle of poverty through education, employment, & empowerment.

(c)3 features charities annually + donates 100% of our profits to support their mission. We are passionate about advocating for organizations that are focused on sustainable solutions to global issues.



We select charities that inspire us.



We highlight & campaign with our featured charities.


We donate all profits to each respective charity.