Years ago, before (c)3 Wines was ever a thought in our heads, my husband (Brady) and I had fanciful ideas of starting a nonprofit and “making a difference in the world”.  This was 2010, and we were hot off the trails of our fist adoption.  We’d spent three months in Ghana, where we were inspired by some really cool people, doing some really cool things. There wasn’t much for us to do while in Ghana awaiting our new kiddo’s US visa, so we could return to the states a family of three.  In that time, we found ourselves passing the time brainstorming on how to channel our new found passion.  A couple of ideas came to the forefront, but in the end, we traded the idea of a nonprofit for a socially-conscious business. 

“we’re Simply asking consumers to do what they already do… purchase wine, but do it with us and nonprofits will benefit.”

The idea of wine as a way of giving back initially seemed like a far flung, pipe-dream; but also, it seemed perfect, if we could find a way to make it happen.  Admittedly, my understanding of wine was basic at the time, but I knew two things to be true: 1) wine was something that nonprofits used at fundraisers, and 2) wine was a product that could be purchased repeatedly.  (A note on 2:  there were a ton of businesses that I truly loved [both their product and their mission], that I feel left me unable to purchase + support repeatedly for the long term. While it was fun to purchase a product that supported a great cause, at some point I just didn’t need any more bracelets, t-shirts, or shoes. So, eventually the buying, along with the giving, stopped. That’s why a product like wine, that gets enjoyed, completely used, and then replaced was important to us.) Now 3 & 1/2 years into (c)3, and I’ve found perhaps the most obvious point of all: consumers pre-existing behavior of purchasing wine can be redirected to aid nonprofits. That was the real aha moment: we’re simply asking consumers to do what they already do… purchase wine, but do it with us and nonprofits will benefit.  I recently came across an article detailing consumer spending.  San Diego was named the booziest city in America, spending on average $1,112 per person on alcohol.  That got me thinking- what if those purchases had been with (c)3?  So, I ran the numbers and found that $567 (of every $1,112 spent) would have been donated to charity. FYI, these figures are based on purchases of our Sauvignon Blanc shipped via ground (& yes, tax is included in this assessment).  We think that dollar figure is pretty remarkable and would love for more consumers to redirect their purchasing power for good.  The cool thing is that there are so many ways to do this now (Amazon Smile is one of my favorite/easiest ways to contribute…confession, I may be a prime junkie!).  You can also contribute by helping us get the word out about (c)3!  We’d love for more people to redirect and purchase purposefully with (c)3.

“$567 (of Every $1,112 spent) would have been donated to charity."

A final word: It’s easy to become jaded about philanthropy, or to get in a bubble with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality (I’m guilty); but $567 could be job training/hiring to someone in the Adventure Project’s Uganda program, it could be a healthy meal for many at a soup kitchen stocked by Extra Table, it could be food, medical + adoption fees for senior dogs who came to Muttville after their elderly owner’s passing, or it could be a scholarship for a physically different young girl to attend a life changing retreat with SheLift.  With (c)3, you decide where your donation goes.  We are volunteer run and always donate 100% of our profits.