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Announcing our Spring Featured Organizations

Today, I’m excited to announce our amazing Spring Featured Organizations, Action in Africa & Global Orphan Prevention

Years ago, before (c)3 was even a thought, our hearts were bent to care for others the way these organizations do.  Although we didn’t know it at the time, one day we would be advocating for them through the platform of a philanthropic wine company.  Having completed two international adoptions of older children, we’ve often wondered what their lives would have looked like if the right people had intervened to prevent the circumstances that led to their adoption.  We’ll never fully know every detail of what brought our children to their respective orphanages.  Could something have been done to keep their biological family in tact?  What if an organization had offered their family members the opportunity of schooling, or job skills, or a small business loan?

Though adoption has been a difficult road at times, we’re blessed to have our sons.  They’ve taught us much about unconditional love, forgiveness, & resiliency with their positive outlook on life.  This experience inspires us to support organizations working to reverse the cycle of poverty with sustainable initiatives like education, employment, & empowerment.  I believe when we help others-help themselves we’ll begin to see progress in the fight against poverty related issues!

Please join us in supporting the incredible work of our featured organizations + stayed tuned for more information!